a charlotte street 15 year anniversary project considering the history and future of artist-driven pioneering in Kansas City and the changing nature of the city's "frontiers"

Public Programs

A series of public programs is in development. These will include several performances, a series of presentations and roundtable conversations, several excursions, and more. Watch this blog for a schedule of events.

A few of the topics we are interested in exploring through these public programs include:

∙ The History and Legacy of the Art Research Center – revisiting and considering the vision, work, and enduring value of this radically-minded, artist-run project of international scope

∙ The Kansas City Power and Light District – in conjunction with “Kansas City Power and Light” Phase I photographic investigation of the district, curated by Mike Sinclair

∙ Kansas City’s “Commons” – considering infringements upon, and possibilities for reclaimations of,  our physical and conceptual “commons”, organized in conjunction with “Beating the Bounds” Phase I project, curated by Julia Cole.

∙ ARTIST RUN SPACES in Kansas City – history and future

∙ “Your Frontier is My Home Town/Neighborhood/Backyard” –  the politics and bias’  inherent in  framing  and claiming “frontiers”

∙ “If  We Settle It, They Will Follow…” – the dynamics of artists-driven and grassroots pioneering as they intersect with gentrification, larger-scale development,  civic investment, etc.

∙ The Frontier is Reclamation, ReUse, ReInvention – possibilities for reinvesting in existing resources with new vision

∙ ARTIST RESIDENCIES in Kansas City – past and present examples; new models and possibilities

Please share your ideas with us as well!

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