a charlotte street 15 year anniversary project considering the history and future of artist-driven pioneering in Kansas City and the changing nature of the city's "frontiers"

Phase II Projects

Phase II Projects (to be presented May 23-July 7)

Title: Road Does Not End

Curator: Robert Josiah Bingaman

Artists: Kelly J. Clark, Mark FloranceMisha KligmanMichael KruegerBeniah Leuschke

Writer: Lucas Wetzel


The artists I’ve chosen to present are tied to the narratives and implications of their geography. Forever teetering on the cusp of river country and the Western expanse, Kansas City retains a quiet romance with notions of destiny and freedom. The region’s artists, far from the established art centers—and yet working at the nation’s center—are not immune to the individualism tied up in the Frontier’s history. Coupled with this thrust of possibility, however, are burdens of distance, longing, and oblivion; each giving way to the frontier within.

In Kansas City, artists are simply less visible—and yet, more distinctly seen—than they might be elsewhere. Perhaps for this reason, there is a relationship between the characteristics of their locale to that of their interior lives. Consciously or not, these artists draw upon their personal lives to produce work that equates environment with self. In the distance that unfolds in every direction, there appears a bright future. And with the prospect of crossing and exploring those distances, the specter of disappointment haunts every project.

Title: Frontier:  to face; now rare

Curator: Erika Lynne Hanson

Artists:   Justin Gainan, Cory ImigNicholas Naughton, B.J. Wooley, Kelly Lynn Jones & Collin McKelvey


frontier: Verb 2. trans.                                                                                                                                                 

 a. To look upon the frontier, boundary, or coast of; to face; now rare

Starting with the above definitions of the Frontier. This project looks at the notion of the frontier as a space that is continually evolving and being redefined, containing both the excitement and anxiety of the unknown. Questions being addressed range from the political to the perceptual. At the core of each project is an investigation of ones interaction with their Landscape, documenting, interpreting and presenting a specific view of place and time. Projects will evolve throughout the life of the exhibition, utilizing: video, sound, print, performance, installation, and interaction.



Title: Making Marks/Leaving Traces

Curator: Heather Lustfeldt

Artists:  Jessica Brandl, Gear, Jessica Manco, Margaret Shelby

Artists of interest: Alexander Austin, Jose Faus

Documentarians: Deborah Dickson, Zachary Hoskins, Tracy Abeln

Public program collaborator: Sonie Ruffin


This project/exhibition examines aspects of social, geographical and cultural history/s in Kansas City by investigating various murals in the city and the muralists who produced them.

Examination of the geographical locations, the makers, styles, content and historiography of the selected murals will provide touch-stones for a range of conversations, questions, observations and interpretations of this aspect of public art and what it tells us about our community and its history.

The installation at the Paragraph will be evolving and collaborative.  A site-specific, collaborative wall drawing, photography, organic/living sculpture and site-specific installation will be included to create a dynamic, informative yet open-ended exploration that will bring elements of the street into the gallery.

As part of the project, a public round-table discussion is being planned for the middle of June at a date to be determined.   This program will invite various members of the ranging communities in Kansas City together to talk about how the city has changed, and/or remained the same.  Participants and observers of this program will be invited to respond on The Frontier blog/archive. The program will be additionally be documented via audio, video and photographs.


Title: Kansas City Regionalism

Curator: Molly Kaderka

ArtistsRicky Allman, Matt Jacobs, Robert Josiah Bingaman, Hunter Long, Sara Cramer, Jaclyn Senne

Writers: Stephen Proski, Taylor Wallace, Jamie Lynn Heller, and Jaclyn Senne


The Midwest, Kansas City in particular, was the historic birthplace of regionalist painting.  Famous painters like Thomas Hart Benton and John Steuart Curry, throughout their lifetimes, painted images of everyday Midwestern life to use as a platform for expressing social and political issues of the time.   While the visual style of, and even the term, regionalist painting has changed and died out, many artists in the Kansas City area are still looking to their immediate surroundings to draw inspiration and offer cultural critique.  The works featured in this mini-exhibition curated by Molly Kaderka feature strong reactions to urban development and the homogenization of suburban architecture.


More Project Profiles Coming soon!

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