a charlotte street 15 year anniversary project considering the history and future of artist-driven pioneering in Kansas City and the changing nature of the city's "frontiers"

Phase I Projects


Title: Frontier: Momentum + Trajectory

Curator: Jonah Criswell

Frontier: Momentum + Trajectory seeks to articulate the momentum of a selection of Urban Culture Project Studio Residents via public slide shows and online interviews. By articulating the momentum of artists, social actors, curators and more, we can also understand a trajectory of culture found in Kansas City. Culture itself is an emergent feature of society. Frontier: Momentum + Trajectory seeks to articulate another emergent feature found in our society, an as yet named feature of enthusiasm, struggle, curiosity, stubbornness, vulnerability, fragility, courage and passion.


Title: Beating the Bounds

Curator: Julia Cole

Team members: Jim Woodfill, Michael Frisch, Laura Isaac, Drew Roth + Amos Leager, Charlie Mylie,  Jamie Burkart

The theme of Beating the Bounds is a symbolic reenactment of an ancient European custom that early settlers would have  been familiar with. The tradition recognized the boundaries of commonly held space each year, with a particular goal of warding off any encroachments. Bridging sacred observance and rowdy festival, such ceremonies also included an important focus on embedding knowledge about these invisible maps in younger generations. In our version, seven artists will bear witness to encroachments on public spaces or “the commons” in Kansas City. It will also mark acts of resistance against assimilation or appropriation of both tangible and intangible assets that belong to us all.

Image: Video still from James Woodfill’s Drive By.


Title: An Inside Job

Curator: Jane Gotch

Team members: Laura Frank, Tiffany Sisemore, Abbe Findley, Katie Ford, Laura Isaac

Six female artists will co-create two evening length performance installations. Through video, visual constructions, and live movement, the team is investigating the human action of sensing.  Their creative process will put into practice the research of professor and occupational therapist, Dr. Winnie Dunn, to shape performance that utilizes each participant’s (artist’s and viewer’s) referential world.

Photo: Laura Isaac


Title: weissraum

Curator: Michael Schonhoff

Team members: Ricky Allman, Katie Ford, Lee Piechocki, Charlie Mylie, Jaclyn Senne, Matt Jacobs, and David Overholt.

Weissraum is a constructed exhibition container to which a series of artists will respond, literally and conceptually. The mirco-exhibition explores specific elements of ‘frontier’ including the invisible (or unseen), projection, tangents, unrealized ideas, and barrier space.


Title: Power and Light

Curator: Mike Sinclair

Team members: Deanna Dikeman, Ahram Park, Kevin Sisemore, James Woodfill, Emily Henson

On March 30, 2006, the City of Kansas City Missouri “substantially completed all necessary land acquisition” to tear down a nine block area of Downtown Kansas City. No longer can you go to Soakie’s Famous Sandwich shop or buy a racing form at Time To Read newsstand. You can go to a new 850 million square foot entertainment district with a courtyard covered by an Ethylene TetraFluoro Ethylene single-skin membrane that, along with heaters, makes it possible to party outdoors year around. You will also be in one of the few places in this country where consumption of open containers of alcoholic beverages are allowed on the street. We are attempting to document this addition to downtown.

Photo: Kevin Sisemore


Title: The Living Archive – Phase I

Curator: Nicole Mauser

Team members: Luke Firle, Dennis Helsel, Lyndsey Ogle

The territory within the idea of “Living Archive” that will be explored through our project is artist-run initiatives and artist-run spaces. These can be highly organized and long-running, such as an artist-run space, or ephemeral, existing perhaps for only one night but continuing to inform the artistic landscape of Kansas City.

For Phase I of the Frontier we are concentrating on the Living Archive in a historical sense, or what has transpired before our current time. Some questions our group is tackling: How do we extend this archive into the future? Make it accessible and editable? How does humor, fiction, or myth play a role?

Paragraph/Project Space will serve as a hub for research, collection, and dispersion. To encourage dialogues that bridge decades of artists who have spurred culture in Kansas City, we have developed an interview format. These interviews will manifest in several layers: written, audio, annotated, image-based, and using social media. Opening night event will set the tone and act as the beginning of this effort. Community and audience participation will be encouraged throughout this project.

The central focus in terms of output will be developing an online version of the Living Archive that will continue to exist as a building block for further additions and development. We see this effort as generating content and beginning to establish a foundation upon which to enable others to further future efforts. The Living Archive will belong to Kansas City as a whole; Phase I efforts will only scratch the surface of the work and the archives’ imaginative potential.

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