a charlotte street 15 year anniversary project considering the history and future of artist-driven pioneering in Kansas City and the changing nature of the city's "frontiers"


The Frontier is comprised of a series of  curator/artist-driven projects, or investigations, each unfolding over the course of several months.  Taking the concept of “the frontier” as a starting point, these projects, most involving “teams” of  collaborators, are conceived less as “shows” than as explorations; as such, the work involved will live in a variety of forms–as documentation of research processes, photographs or stories of expeditions, interventions in the public realm, artworks in the gallery, interviews posted to this blog, conversations on the sidewalk, responses from writers or the public, shared experiences, etc.  As much as possible, this multi-faceted work will be captured and held as part of The Frontier archive.

The projects are organized in two “phases,” with manifestations of Phase One projects to be presented at Paragraph and Project Space April 20-May 19, followed by Phase Two projects, which will remain on view through July 7.

See Phase I and Phase II  pages for individual project descriptions.

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