a charlotte street 15 year anniversary project considering the history and future of artist-driven pioneering in Kansas City and the changing nature of the city's "frontiers"

Living Archive

As much as it is oriented toward the future,  The Frontier is equally concerned with documenting the present and delving into the past, with the belief that we can be invigorated by a heightened consciousness of what’s come before, and that new possibilities and potentials might be best imagined with both history and the present landscape in mind.  Indeed, it seems with age comes the perspective that cycles repeat and that while the manifestations of  a pioneering drive might vary based on times and conditions, many of its motivating instincts and orientations persist…

The Frontier aspires to begin to build, in an incremental way, a Living Archive.  This archive is conceived as a breathing, evolving, inclusive and many-authored endeavor encompassing all manners of ephemera (show cards, fliers, posters, etc.), publications, photographs, video, film, audio recordings, correspondence, timelines, documentation of conversations and activities occurring in real time,  creative and critical writing, discussions based in social media, and more.  In terms of scope, we are particularly interested in materials that relate to the  pioneering roles artists and artist-centered projects/spaces/publications/activities have played, and will continue to play, in the evolution of our city and culture.

It is planned that this archive will begin to be accumulated in the gallery during the course of The Frontier and will live more comprehensively and enduringly online. Both the gallery and the web will serve as sites where individuals may access and contribute to the archive. As the show unfolds, so too will the archives grow, as interviews are conducted, print materials scanned, timelines developed, old snapshots and slides digitized.  Projects and public programs occurring as part of The Frontier will themselves also become a part of archive.

It is hoped that the Living Archive will grow into an expansive, ongoing community archiving  project, in partnership with other entities over time.

Your contributions are needed! Learn more about how to participate in The Living Archive by sharing your stories ephemera here. 

And visit The Living Archive tumblr, where the archives is accumulating.

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