a charlotte street 15 year anniversary project considering the history and future of artist-driven pioneering in Kansas City and the changing nature of the city's "frontiers"

Here and Now Quiz posters and postcards

Drop by Paragraph Gallery on the closing night of Phase I of The Frontier, Friday May 18th from 6 to 9 PM, and take home some free handmade prints.

As his contribution to Beating the Bounds, Charlie Mylie worked with the Phresh Prints Coop to produce a series of posters and postcards that are available for visitors to the gallery. Mylie adapted questions from the Whole Earth Catalog’s Big Here Quiz to have particular relevance to Kansas City. The questions are designed to provoke a deeper curiosity about the commons that surround us.

In the same way that our own noses magically disappear from our field of view, there are many publicly owned resources that we see so often we have forgotten they are there – such as the air, river water, rainfall, cultural traditions, the airwaves, the internet, the landscape, history, parkland, sunlight, and so on.

If, as a people, we forget what our commonwealth is, then how will we notice when the boundaries of ownership shift, if slowly our collective rights pass into private ownership, or when these precious commons become degraded by misuse or abuse?

The Here and Now Quiz questions can also be found online.


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