a charlotte street 15 year anniversary project considering the history and future of artist-driven pioneering in Kansas City and the changing nature of the city's "frontiers"

The creative process behind “An Inside Job,” premiering May 18, 6:30-8pm

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Since late March I have been working with Jane Gotch, Abbe Findley, Katie Ford, Laura Frank, and Tiffany Sisemore on the performance installation An Inside Job, to be performed May 18th in Paragraph Gallery. Through video, visual constructions, and live movement we are investigating the human act of sensing.

During this time I have been acting as field researcher, observing and documenting our time together. I have taken on a character as well; although I will not “perform” per se on the 18th. I photograph every rehearsal, meeting, and performance. I sketch and write letters to an unspecified “colleague” about the experience which will be mailed after the performance on May 18th to randomly selected contacts outside of the Kansas City area.

After the performance I will create three limited edition works: Letters From the Frontier (a black & white book of the letters and select photos from An Inside Job), Inside An Inside Job (a black & white book of all of the photographs from the entire process of An Inside Job), and An Inside Job Triptych (three 3″ x 10″ photographic prints featuring 90 of the photos in their original sepia tone.)  More about these here.

It has been a truly fulfilling experience being “on the frontier” with this group of artists; working together and digging in to create a process together. I hope the letters and small-scale photos can convey the sense of intimacy and field exploration of our collaborative process even after the performance has concluded.

– Laura Isaac


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