a charlotte street 15 year anniversary project considering the history and future of artist-driven pioneering in Kansas City and the changing nature of the city's "frontiers"

Laura Isaac’s “Kansas City Scroll” Progressing

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The scroll has been in the gallery for almost two weeks now. It was strange bringing an “unfinished” work into a gallery and then sitting down to work on it. But I’ve settled in now and the scroll’s feed is progressing nicely.

Last Saturday I walked into the gallery for another session with the scroll and as I was browsing through people’s contributions on the bulletin board I found a new – rather angry – note. I dutifully transcribed it to the scroll in red watercolor. It’s actually become my favorite part of the scroll so far. Not because I enjoy receiving passive aggressive notes; but because someone was protesting participatory Social Media art by… participating.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the scroll as a finished object turns out. It’s interesting and a little daunting to leave the direction of the work (already up for public view) almost completely in the hands of the audience whether they’re online or standing next to it.

– Laura Isaac

Laura is still looking for contributions on the following topics:
– Cultural Boundaries in KC
– Corporations vs Independent Businesses in KC
– Kansas City Landmarks
– Kansas City’s History & Future

Visit the KC Scroll Facebook page to participate and for more information. Laura Isaac’s KC Scroll is part of  “Beating the Bounds,” a Frontier project curated by Julia Cole.


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